BoBo Mermaid World

Dive in, create and explore!

Welcome to the enchanting and beautiful world of mermaids! All your fantasies can come true here! You could be a star at the mermaid theatre or travel between the worlds of mermaids and humans by fish bus, or party with your friends in a luxurious masion! With a variety of colorful scenes and interactive experiences, you’ll feel like you're truly part of a fantasy world. And there's always more content on the way!

Experience upgrades in scene interaction! We added tons of lifelike animations make the characters look incredibly lively and real. Choose interactive actions for each character in your story. When your mermaid friend tastes something you bought at the underwater market, her facial expressions and body language will add so much fun to the scene! If you host a party at home, your guest could actually have the actions of dancing, singing, laughing, applause, and chatting! Don’t just imagine, feel the vibe in our mermaid world!

Visit unique underwater scenes in Mermaid world! Enjoy your coffee time at the Newt Café; dressup with so many outfit choices for a party in the luxurious mansion; create dreamy makeup looks for yourself and friends at the Coral Beauty Shop; take care of adorable mermaid babies in the Seahorse Nursery; participate in fantastic performances at the Octopus Theatre; shop at the vibrant underwater market; and savor unique monster meals at the Sea Monster Restaurant. Each scene is full of lively interactive experiences waiting for your exploration and discovery!

Design your ideal mermaid characters! With a variety of options to choose from, from facial features to hairstyles to accessories, all details are customizable. Create a unique mermaid character that stands out in the underwater world!

Unleash your creativity and design the ultimate mermaid home! Dive into a vast sea of options, where you can choose from hundreds of unique pieces of furniture and enchanting decorations. Mix and match styles, colors, and magical accessories to craft a space that's truly your own. Whether it's a cozy coral bedroom or a majestic undersea palace, you could create a mesmerizing underwater home that reflects your personal style. Let your imagination swim in this enchanting mermaid world!

Dive in, create and explore have fun in the mermaid world!

l Explore scenes with no rules!
l Lifelike and vivid interactive actions!
l Create your own characters!
l Design and decorate your room!
l A vast sea of beautiful outfits options!
l A multitude of interactive props!
l Beautiful graphics and lively sound effects!
l Regularly updated with more content!
l Discover hidden puzzles and rewards!
l Supports multi-touch for playing with friends!
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